Liz Smith Uses Occasion Of Lindsay Lohan’s Rehab To Reference Star’s Panties, ‘Golden Globes’

lindsay_lohan_rehab.jpgLindsay Lohan entered rehab yesterday. New York Post columnist Liz Smith needed an angle or two for her column not covered by Page Six. Here‘s what she came up with:

Maybe Lindsay was just missing her man — not that we know who he might be. Now she’s missing her appendix. Whatever. We thought she was serious about continuing her sobriety — she bought a pair of red panties that say “Sober” on one side and “Clean” on the other.

SPEAKING OF the adorable Ms. Lohan: She recently helped Jane Fonda celebrate her 69th birthday. Jane, who co-stars with Lohan in the upcoming movie “Georgia Rule,” admires Lindsay’s talent.

But 69 years of life have transformed Jane, the one-time Hollywood naughty girl and one-time nudie queen of outer space, Barbarella. Lindsay and Jane posed for a photo in which Jane placed her palm right on Lindsay’s chest covering her cleavage. Jane felt Lindsay was displaying too much too soon.

Jane Fonda has won two Oscars! And she ain’t gonna let young Lindsay’s “Golden Globes” upstage her.