Little Jacket – It Pays to Advertise

Little Jacket - It Pays to Advertise

mmousebrownbig.gifOn my way to the gallery a few moments ago, I spotted a snipe on the future home of Lachlan Murdoch for a company called Little Jacket. Their tag line is “like design and stuff”. The caption to the poster is “Little Jacket… its kinda like givin’ a scissor kick to Paula Poundstone.” I have no idea what that means, but I was intrigued enough to pull the snipe down and bring it with me.

I went to look at their site and it turns out they’ve done some interesting project, including the Modest Mouse poster pictured here. Their portfolio shows work for a diverse range of clients: The Audubon Society, An Ice Cream Parlor and The Surf Rider Foundation to name a few.

They also have about 20 or so posters available for purchase, aside from the Modest Mouse one there are a few for French Kicks and some art exhibition related ones too.

They are based in Kent, Ohio, but they sure seem to get a around a good deal. What I like about their work is that they have established a strong style, but it’s adaptable to the particular client they are working with. That’s a hard balance to strike.