Life Among the Royals at the RCA


We were talking about the RCA in London the other day, were we not? (think talk about Anthony Dunne). Well, a nice little companion piece, by way of Dezain, over at Business Week that focuses on the goings on over there at the most royal of college of arts. Here’s some:

The research associate program is a fairly easy sell. The RCA’s high-caliber students are not only considered to be the best and brightest, they tend to be more experienced than the undergraduates that companies usually collaborate with, because the RCA is a graduate program. “It’s definitely mutually beneficial,” says Harris. “It’s a great way for the students to get more professional experience and to work on a bigger scale. And it’s also a great way for the company to get diverse and more interesting ideas.”

Philips, for example, had its associate think about ambient lighting within public spaces. Ideal Standard challenged a student to consider luxury bathing for the elderly. The projects are firmly focused on the front end of innovation — the period of idea generation when the fresh thinking of a relative outsider can help a company see its core business from a different perspective.