Layoffs Hit HuffPost After Verizon’s Acquisition of Yahoo

39 employees are out

While yesterday’s Time Inc. layoffs were partially a result of financial strain coming after the company decided not to sell itself, today’s layoffs at HuffPost arrive after the completion of parent company Verizon’s purchase of Yahoo, which rolls Yahoo, AOL and HuffPost into an entity known as Oath.

The planned jobs cuts were reported previously, but the specifics are now becoming clear: HuffPost has laid off 39 union employees, according to Writers Guild of America, East, which represents HuffPost’s editorial staff. The total number of staff cuts expected across Oath is 2,100.

“Like many of their peers across the industry,” read a note issued by WGAE, “HuffPost employees unionized to ensure that they have a seat at the table, as enormous corporations merge and restructure. The unit members who have been laid off will receive a collectively-bargained severance package that includes two months’ salary plus a week of pay for each year of service and continued health benefits (medical, prescription, drug, dental and vision) for that entire period.”

Among those let go is senior military correspondent David Wood, who, as senior media reporter Michael Calderone notes, is a recipient of “HuffPost’s first and only Pulitzer.”

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