Parody Website Has No Paywall

The latest article is up at, a modest parody website launched April 1, 2012. With a headline that makes the destination’s Onion-esque intent perfectly clear: “Local Resident Contemplating Adding Avocado To Sandwich For $1.”

The wishes-to-remain-anonymous (for now) owner tells FishbowlLA via email that all it cost to start the online joke sheet was a $7.99 payment to “For the most part, it’s a one-person operation,” Mr. X says. “Though on some days, it’s a zero-person operation.”

Along with the fact that an Internet publication can be launched today for the same price as a real-world avocado enhanced sandwich, there’s also this dagger. “I have absolutely no prior professional experience as a journalist,” our mystery man reveals. “But that’s what makes this country great… Look at Arianna Huffington.”

Some observers have been confused by the website name Real LA Times, in the sense that the moniker does not exactly scream parody. But X has an explanation. “I believe that when launching a new product or service, it’s much more convenient to pick a name based on a brand that already exists instead of creating your own,” he insists. “It gives you instant recognition. Plus, if you think about it, there is a sense of realism to many of the articles (e.g. Starbucks really is an unemployment center. Trust me.)”

Alongside the article goofs, there is also a template for intern applications. There is of course no such opening, but Mr. X says he already has a submission. Now that’s a jobless-recovery economy.

“I received a really great application for the intern position titled, “World’s Worst Intern Applies for World’s Most-Likely-To-Be-Sued Newspaper.” The guy was way overqualified.” In the case of his own career pursuits, Mr. X is hoping paves the way for some paid writing assignments. Based on his rather auspicious start, we believe that is definitely a possibility.

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