Latinos and the LA Times

LA Times Media Group Senior Vice President of Advertising & Targeted Media Scott Pompe was recently interviewed at Portada’s digital and print media conference and had a few interesting things to say. Perhaps most interesting was Pompe’s assertion that LA’s Latino market has arrived on the national scene with advertisers.

“Local and National advertisers alike are keenly aware of the value of reaching Latinos in the Los Angeles DMA, which was not the case a few years ago. Point being, teasing is not necessary given the attractiveness and buying power of LA’s Latino marketplace.”

Pompe also addressed the lawsuit over the Los Angeles Times Magazine not being delivered to certain zip codes–basically everything south of the 10 and east of the 5. And by addressed we mean dismissed.

Los Angeles Times Magazine is available as a free opt-in for any of our subscribers who request it.”

Funny, that’s the first we heard of that. And we write for the magazine. Good to know. Since we live in one of the zip codes deemed unworthy of delivery.

Kind of interesting that the Latino market has somehow arrived in the minds of national advertisers, and yet that same market–who overwhelmingly occupies the zip codes blacklisted for LA Times Mag delivery–isn’t deemed fit for the LA Times Mag and its mostly national advertising base.