LAT In 90 Seconds

33679997.jpgRe-Run: You’ve read it everywhere else already, but here’s the paper of record’s straight-news take on show runners throwing their weight behind the WGA strike.

33684276.jpgReagan’s Misplaced Belt Buckles: The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library is missing about 80,000 artifacts. If you want to make a distasteful Alzheimer’s joke, go right ahead. We won’t stop you. You’ll burn in hell, but we won’t stop you.

33664133.jpgUnclear On The Concept: The LAT’s message boards are a far more fun read than the paper. Take, for instance, this misinformed rant from a guy named John:

“As is evident by now, the wga does not have the public on its side and there’s no outcry among the viewing public for them to get back to work. By and large, apart from a few shows, people don’t miss network tv, which is becoming increasingly irrelevant. Growth is now in cable, dvd’s the web etc. In addition, these writers are wealthy, pampered people living in a part of the country that the rest of us have little in common with. And one unanswered question: Can’t the late night talk show hosts, who are supposed to be commedians, WRITE THEIR OWN MATERIAL FOR A COUPLE OF DAYS! Jeez.”

Jeez, indeed. Aren’t Midwesterners cute?