Las Vegas Art Museum to Close Its Doors, While Shuttered Minnesota Museum Tries to Figure Out What to Do Next


The economy has once again struck a disastrous blow within the museum world. The latest to fall is the Las Vegas Art Museum, which has announced that it will be closing its doors for good, or at least until finances improve somewhere/somehow in the future. After fighting for months to try and keep the museum going, often receiving negative press and internal acrimony for their changes, their final day will be this Saturday, the 28th. Here’s a bit:

“We’ve tried everything to keep this afloat. It’s just a challenging time,” says Patrick Duffy, president to the museum’s board. “The economic climate has eliminated several of our donations and or reduced them significantly.”

The decision comes less than three months after executive director Libby Lumpkin resigned because the board announced that budget cuts would affect salaries and result in possible layoffs.

Elsewhere in closed museum news, the board at the Minnesota Museum of American Art, which you might remember us telling you shut its own doors back in November, is still trying to figure out what exactly to do with their collection, whether to try and re-open at another location or to work with other local cultural institutions to get their pieces seen.