LAPD Program Fights Prostitution By Educating Johns

Today’s LA Times has an interesting article about a new approach to combat the problem of prostitution in Los Angeles. Launched by the city attorney’s office, this pilot program is a one-day crash course for johns caught soliciting prostitutes. Class curriculum covers sexually transmitted diseases, the dangers for johns of being set up by prostitutes to be beaten and robbed, and the abuse and violence the women who sell sex so often endure. The men take the class to avoid prosecution and jail time, but the results have been promising. So far, only one of the 44 graduates of the program has been rearrested. Similar programs in other cities have had encouraging results. Bill Margolis, one of the instructors of the class and a retired LAPD detective, tells the Times:

“We’re never going to arrest our way out of this problem and we’re never going to stop it altogether. But we can try to educate johns about the dangers to themselves and about the violence the women face. Hopefully we can reduce the demand.”

Reducing demand for sex workers is a good thing, don’t get us wrong. But it may not be great for certain local publications that rely on sex ads for advertising revenue. Pimps aren’t the only ones in L.A. making money off of prostitutes.