LAist’s Zach Behrens to Become a KCET-ist

The “-ist” empire of New York’s now covers 13 cities, including the international outposts of Toronto, London and Shanghai. But rather than moving on to a far-flung gateway, long-time editor Zach Behrens (pictured) is staying right here in Los Angeles.

Beginning January 1st, Behrens will head up the online community news and engagement efforts of by-then no-longer-PBS-affiliated KCET. He joins the station’s ranks on Monday, November 8th, to start preparing that outreach.

Writes Behrens:

After sharing the city with you through some 10,000 posts, it’s not an easy decision to leave. This job is amazing. After all, where else do you have the freedom to cover the best city in the world the way you want to? My bosses, Gothamist Editor Jen Chung and Publisher Jake Dobkin, deserve huge credit for creating a network of blogs that have gained fans in several cities around the world.

Taking over for Behrens at LAist will be Canadian expat Lindsay William-Ross, who moved to LA from Toronto in 1990, while Lisa Brenner will jump into the vacated William-Ross slot. Our congrats to Behrens.

Note: Some minor corrections were made to this item based on information provided via e-mail by (the now proud U.S. citizen) William-Ross. FBLA regrets the errors.