Ladies’ Home Journal‘s “Can This Marriage Be Saved?” To Join The Newlywed Game


Ladies’ Home Journal is extending its popular “Can This Marriage Be Saved?” feature to television.

In March, the magazine introduced a series of webisodes based on the 57-year-old column.

Now, the feature will be integrated into the The Newlywed Game in a move that will include in-show, in-magazine, original programming and online content. As part of this cross-platform merger, contestants on The Newlywed Game will be asked one question from Ladies’ Home Journal per episode, highlighting reader marriage problems featured in the “Can This Marriage Be Saved?” column.

The Game Show Network will also work to promote Ladies’ Home Journal throughout one week in May on its GSN Live show and will feature an interview with an editor form the magazine via Skype.

Explains Julie Pinkwater, (owner of my new nom-de-plume) VP and publisher of Ladies’ Home Journal:

This is all about bringing our marriage expertise and content to GSN’s audience in entertaining ways. Anyone can connect with “Can This Marriage Be Saved?” because it’s real people sharing real problems — and we’ve all been there. It’s amazing that after 57 years, the column is more relevant than ever.

The Newlywed Game airs on the Game Show Network weeknights at 6:00 pm ET/PT.