LA Times Investigates Hot New Speed-Dating Trend

I’d like to be a fly on the wall during the week the Valentine’s Day edition of the LA Times Thursday Calendar section goes to press. (Subscription required for access.) It’s a once-yearly perfect marriage of publication and subject matter. I imagine editorial meetings punctuated by exclamations like “Hey! Why don’t we do an article about how meeting people in LA is hard?” and “How about a quirky first-person essay about how hard it is to meet people in LA?”

This year, there is, yes, a mention of speed dating, recommendations from dating experts, and an article about Ice Breakers, a duo of women who hire themselves out to hang out with lonely guys in bars and help them meet other women. (But what if those women are also there because they’ve been hired to help some other lonely guy meet women? As usual, the Times misses the real story.)