Meet LAFCA’s Fully Accredited HFPA Member

People straddle a lot of different fences in Hollywood. That’s true for many members of the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, which will announce its 2011 awards Sunday.

Only two LAFCA members also belong to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA). One, Mike Goodridge, is an affiliate member, while the other, South Korean native H.J. Park (pictured), is part of the active roster.

Park has been writing since 1980 in LA for the Korea Times. He also reviews movies every Saturday for the paper’s sister company, Radio Seoul 1650. Internationally, his outlets include the Seoul Economic Daily, The Sportshankook and monthly People and the Books.

When FishbowlLA asked him what movie stars are most popular back home in South Korea, the only one that really surprised is Robert Downey Jr. For what it’s worth, Park was one of the HFPA members in favor of Ricky Gervais returning to host the Golden Globes for a third year.

Park via email says that people in South Korea now download everything and that as a result, many studio video arms have been shuttered. “We are very strong in gritty and dark action movies and thrillers,” he adds. “Thriller meister Chan-Wook Park is shooting his first Hollywood movie Stalker for Fox Searchlight. I think Joon-Ho Bong will be next [on the Tinseltown radar].”

[Photo courtesy Korea Times]