Kobe Tells Shaq He Regrets Their Laker Media Feuds

The Big Podcast's biggest guest yet.

On the June 1 debut episode of The Big Podcast With Shaquille O’Neal, the program’s towering host said the following:

“So, did I say I was going to kill him [Kobe]? Yeah. Did I really want to kill him? No. Would I change how our relationship went? No. Never.”


Next Monday comes Episode #14 of the weekly Monday chat show featuring O’Neal, co-host Mike Kincade and the still very-much-alive Bryant. ESPN sports radio shows on Wednesday were heavily playing a one-minute compilation preview clip, through which Kobe shares a slightly more wishful view of his later-stage playing days with the dominating center:

“You don’t need to go to the press with stuff. You keep it internal, and we have our arguments and our disagreements, but I think having our debates within the press was something I wish would’ve been avoided. But it did kind of create this whirlwind around us as a team with myself and Shaq and the press and the media that just put so much pressure on us as an organization.”

For Laker fans, the full show is must-listen podcast entertainment.