Kicking it Old School: What Your Handwriting Says About Your Professionalism

It’s flashback Friday! We’re diving into the lost art of handwriting today.

Okay, considering so much of our lives is technology-based, when was the last time you wrote something down? Scribbled at work?

Sure, we may write on post-its or jot something down on a notepad but when was the last time your colleague saw your penmanship? That’s what we’re talking about.

According to this Intuit  blog post, we should be cognizant about a few things when it comes to our penmanship. In fact, points out a few things which employers can easily size up your character, personality and attributes (yes, all from looking at your John Hancock).

1. Size. Are you outgoing and outspoken? If so, it’s likely that your letters are large. People who write in an average size show others they’re well-adjusted and adaptable. As for tiny letters? The site mentions these people are withdrawn and studious.

2. Spacing. Wide spaces between words tells the world that you covet your freedom. As for narrow spacing, well that indicates you don’t like being alone.

3. Slanting. If you don’t slant your letters at all and they’re completely vertical, that demonstrates you’re a logical and practical human being. If they slant to the right, you’re open to new experiences and meeting new people. If you keep to yourself then it’s no surprise they slant the other way.

4. Dotting of the I’s. If you use a slash instead of a dot for your “i,” your message is that you are self-critical. If the dot, however, is held high above that letter, you have a tremendous imagination. People who place it directly over that vowel are detail-oriented and organized.

5. Signature. If your autograph is hard to read, the site says you’re private and hard to figure out. A legible signature on the other hand reflects confidence.