Kevin Sullivan Named WaPo Foreign Editor

WaPo has named Kevin Sullivan foreign editor, replacing Scott Wilson who recently joined the paper’s White House team.

Sullivan will move from London with his wife Mary Jordan, a WaPo foreign correspondent, and start in the new position in May.

WaPo’s memo after the jump.

We are pleased to announce that Kevin Sullivan will be the next Foreign Editor of The Post, succeeding Scott Wilson, who has taken up his new responsibilities as a White House correspondent.

Over the last 14 years, Kevin and Mary Jordan have been two of our most accomplished foreign correspondents. They went to Tokyo in 1994 and won the 1998 George Polk award, along with Keith Richburg, for a series on the Asian financial crisis. After a Knight fellowship at Stanford, they headed for Mexico, where they won a Pulitzer Prize for their work documenting a country without rule of law. And from London, they have pioneered the concept of transnational journalism with projects on the digital revolution, the impact of globalization on religion, and the burdens of women.

Everywhere they went, Kevin and Mary brought imagination, flair and penetration to their work. They made us laugh at the world, and took us into many a new world we had never known. They showed us the real meaning of teamwork.

We are excited that they will be bringing their huge talents back to Washington. Mary will also return to the newsroom this summer; more on that later.

Kevin grew up on the coast of Maine, graduated from the University of New Hampshire and worked at the Gloucester Daily Times in Massachusetts and the Providence Journal in Rhode Island. He came to the Post in 1991. Kevin and Mary jointly authored a book from their Mexico reporting, “The Prison Angel: Mother Antonia’s Journey from Beverly Hills to a Life of Service in a Mexican Jail,” Penguin, 2005.

Kevin will start May 4 on the Foreign Desk. We’re looking forward to having Kevin, Mary, Kate and Tom back in town. As Kevin knows, the road to Fenway Park is a lot shorter from here than from London.