Kevin Merida Discusses ‘The Undefeated’

He gives a very vague launch date.

Kevin Merida, who left The Washington Post to join ESPN’s yet-to-launch The Undefeated, spoke with NPR about the site and it’s well worth a read/listen. Below are some of our favorite quotes.

On why he left WaPo:

First of all, the subject matter interests me. And then it was just -I wanted to innovate all of these new websites – different digital properties. That’s where the experimentation is going.

On why The Undefeated is necessary:

…Athletes occupy such a great place in our imagination. They’re heroes, leaders. And, you know, I would like to delve into more of how they think, how they feel beyond sports.

On when the site, which has been long-delayed, will actually launch:

The year 2016.

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