KCET, Autry Wrangle I Am the West

Beginning in August, KCET will start broacasting I Am the West, a series of eighteen one-minute vignettes showcasing individuals who are emblematic of the Pacific Ocean abutting frontier. Shot in verite style, with no narrator, these short-short elements are perhaps best envisioned as “WSAs”–Western Service Announcements.

God knows the Golden State could use a reminder of the spirit that anchored its former and, one hopes, future greatness. Credit for the show idea goes not to some KCET brainiac but rather an employee at the National Autry Center museum, which is partnered with the TV channel on the program and will help run a companion web portal. Per today’s press release:

I Am the West was conceived by the Autry’s director of exhibition media, Paula Kessler, and her in-house production team… The subjects, locations, and points of view will be as broad and diverse as the West itself.

Among the one-minute profile subjects will be Japanese American artist Aki Sogabe and photographer Luis Garza, a champion of muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros.