Justin Timberlake Hosting the Oscars???? Anything’s Possible

Justin2.jpgAOL is putting out an item saying that Justin Timberlake — yes the Britney Spears ex, singer and occasional actor — is being considered to host the Academy Awards next year.

While AOL must be smoking some crack, Academy spokeswoman Leslie Unger said that the host hasn’t been chosen and that Timberlake could be considered if the producer (to be chosen soon) would pick him.

Timberlake is a singer and dancer and oh yeah, he is a Britney ex. While those qualifications haven’t defined the Oscar hosts of years past (Jon Stewart, Whoopi Goldberg, Billy Crystal et al), it does allow for certain song and dance styles to be incorporated.

Timberlake came to people’s attention last month when he hosted the ESPN awards, or the Espies. Critics seemed to think he did a pretty good job. At least he gave a fine performance in the advertising for the Espies.

Last year’s producer was Gil Cates, but it’s unclear whether he’ll be invited back again. And who knows if he or his kids are big-time Timberlake fans?

AOL item below:

Will Timberlake Bring Oscar Back?
Justin Timberlake: Oscar host?
At least that’s what the producers of the struggling awards show are hoping for, according to a sketchy and anonymously sourced report in The National Enquirer (via Contact Music.)
“Justin is more than a singer, he’s a song-and-dance man…and knows how to work a star-studded audience,” a source said. “Our first question was, ‘Can we get him?'”