Judith Regan Gets Exclusive With Notorious Heroin Kingpin

regan_ousted_oj.jpgJudith Regan is sticking with the bad boys. The former HarperCollins editor, who was axed over the If I Did It scandal, landed the first interview with heroin kingpin (and inspiration for the song “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown”) Leroy ‘Nicky’ Barnes since he entered the witness protection program. The interview is running today on The Judith Regan Show, her Sirius Satellite Radio show.

In the interview, the so-called “Black Godfather” recounts “the fascinating and gritty details of his life: from his childhood and his first contact with heroin, the formation and street code of ethics of ‘The Council,’ the fascinating role women played in his operation, the addiction to money and power they all shared, how the betrayal he experienced by his own people forced him to turn state’s evidence, and what his life is like now in the witness protection program.”


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