Journos Buzzing About Another NYT Story on Politico


We’re hearing that NYT‘s Jeremy Peters, newly on the beat, is working on a story about Politico that is set to run Monday. Peters has been calling former Politico reporters and talking to current employees about whether reporters are expected to work too hard.

The piece would follow Mark Leibovich’s recent gargantuan magazine profile of Politico scribe Mike Allen in late April, which also addressed newsroom culture.

Last night at HuffPost‘s rooftop party, guests were buzzing about the potential story, wondering what it would or could say that was different than what has already been reported. With eyes rolling and people chuckling, no one seemed too worried about it, although those chatting about it said they didn’t know whether the story would be favorable or not.

In the past 12 months, the NYT has written some 14 stories involving Politico and/or Robert Allbritton, who owns the publication.