Jon Hamm Introduces Yahoo’s New APT

This morning at an Ad Week ’08 event Yahoo launched its new Ad Management System APT — something they referred to as “a seminal event” and a “tranformative development.” So who better to get to emcee than Mad Men star Jon Hamm? No really, who better? Apparently the idea was an attempt to tie-in the “seminal” effcts of APT with those of television going color back in the sixties, i.e. the (Emmy Award winning) Mad Men era. The new system will allow “publishers of display ads (like newspapers) and buyers of those ads to connect in this web platform that’s intended to be an efficient, transparent system.”

But back to Don Draper! We caught up with Jon Hamm (who bucks the major Hollywood trend by being taller and better looking in real life) and asked him some burning questions of our own.

Such as, are all those cigarettes they smoke at Sterling Cooper real? The answer is no, Hamm told us they are in fact fake, in so far as they contain no nicotine — instead they’re filled with some sort of herbs but “we do actually smoke them,” he says.

And what about all that alcohol? Sometime, after watching a few episodes in a row, we wake up with a sort of proxy hangover. 2Sadly, according to Hamm, the martinis are actually water and the whiskey is also water mixed with some sort of caramel. Alas.