Jim Brady: Emerge From The Shadows Or Get Out

Some interesting comments by WashingtonPost.com Executive Editor Jim Brady during the Digital Hollywood conference.

    Brady, executive editor of The Washington Post’s online division, said during a panel discussion at the Digital Hollywood conference here that he would like to see a technology that could identify people who violate site standards–and if need be–automatically kick them off for good.

There’s an interesting debate to be had over this concept. On the one hand, Brady’s position would allow the site to prevent some of the crazy stuff that is said on washingtonpost.com.

On the other hand, it does fly in the face of, what has been up to this point, the spirit of the Internet: Anonymity and unbridled free speech and movement.

But maybe Brady has a point: Is it time for that spirit to be reined in a bit, all in the name of civility? Or are we barking up a First Amendment tree that no one wants to touch?

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