Jeff Koons Redesigns CT Scanner Hospital Rooms for RxArt


No matter your opinion of Jeff Koons (we’re looking at you, angry French men), here’s something you’ll have to give the guy credit for. The non-profit group RxArt, which was founded by art dealer Diane Brown to help redesign hospital interiors to make them less sterile and fear inducing, had long considered Koons the one artist they’d love to work with, having already commissioned pro-bono work from people like R. Crumb and John Margolis. While they thought it would be nearly impossible to talk him into it, given his celebrity, the artist agreed readily. He began work on the CT Scanner and surrounding exam room at Advocate Hope Children’s Hospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois, just outside Chicago, and has since transformed it with paintings of his own work, including 2D copies of his iconic “Balloon Dog” and “Hanging Heart” pieces. Best of all, he didn’t take a dime for the effort. The RxArt site has a ton of great photos of the transition, with both before and after shots, and the York Daily Record has a behind the scenes look at how the group managed to bring Koons in and how the project was pulled off.