Jean Prouve’s Tropical House @ Yale

Jean Prouve's Tropical House @ Yale

mt-event-21.jpgAt the Yale School of Art + Architecture: an exhibition of Jean Prouve’s Tropical House. From their site:

The exhibition is organized around a building Prouvé constructed in 1951 as a prototype of inexpensive, readily assembled housing that could be easily transported to France’s African colonies. Fabricated in Prouvé’s French workshops, the Tropical House—as it is known—was carried in the cargo hold of an Air France plane to Africa. It was erected in the town of Brazzaville and remained there for 50 years.

This is the first public display of the house outside France. A 400-square-foot end section of the house – approximately one-fourth of the entire structure – will be erected inside the gallery of the A&A building. The open end of the displayed section will face into the main exhibition space…In mid-April the entire house will be erected on the vacant lot adjoining the A&A building, where it will remain through June.

It’s definitely time for me to make a field trip to Yale… I’m also really interested in checking out their Livable Modernism exhibition that’s on view at the University Art Gallery through June 5, 2005. (There’s also book that looks to be rather delicious.)

(Prouve exhibition info via Design Observer)