Jay Carney: “I Have Had Very Little Trouble Adapting To This New Role”

WaPo’s Mary Ann Akers sat down with Jay Carney, who left Time Magazine three months ago to join the staff of Vice President Joe Biden.

Here are some excerpts. The Sleuth’s full interview can be found here.

Q: You left journalism after 20 years with Time magazine. How is life on the other side?

Carney: It’s great. I have had very little trouble adapting to this new role, which is completely different from what I was doing before.

Q: What has most surprised you about being in this new role?

Carney: Well, I have to say I’ve yelled at a few reporters. No, I’m not going to say who. But look, people get it wrong sometimes…That was a little bit of a weird experience getting on the phone and chewing out a reporter or an editor for something I thought was totally wrong.

Q: One of the most notable members of the press corps is your wife, Claire Shipman, correspondent for ABC News. How do you avoid blurting out scoops over the dinner table?

Carney: I just don’t, partly because we don’t get to see each other that much thanks to my new job…We’re figuring it out as I go. She’s not a beat reporter at the White House. That’s something she did before. She does some political stories. I tell her, ‘Call Gibbs, call Rahm’ or something like that when she’s working on something. Because I can’t be a source. But she’s cool with that.