James Franco to Bring ‘Kalup and Franco’ to the Golden Globes?


After two years of constant talk about James Franco-turned-artist, from his solo art show, that odd profile in New York, to his putting his own artsy mark on General Hospital, Three’s Company, and a copy of a piece by Bruce Nauman, we’d grown a little weary of having to hear about his side career. However, we still appreciate that a celebrity of his stature has the potential to bring modern art and all the confusion that comes with it, to we great unwashed. And we’re willing to forgive all that media saturation if Franco does indeed follow through with a statement he made to the tabloid program The Insider about his upcoming appearance on the Golden Globes:

The 127 Hours star James Franco revealed something about his Golden Globes day, saying, “I have a little art project that I’ll be doing during the day that I can’t quite talk about but you’ll hear about.” Franco may be referring to an art music group performance by Kalup and Franco.

That Kalup, of course, is the artist Kalup Linzy, with whom Franco started a band/art project with (their slogan: “Where dreams, art, music, films, soap operas, real life, and performance art collide.”) The two have reportedly been collaborating over the past year and though, like with many things the actor-turned-artist does, we’re not sure where the “Art” with a capital A comes in (here’s them performing “Proud Mary” last May), we love the idea that they’ll do something utterly bewildering at an event as blandly tame as the Golden Globes. If so, we’ll be fans for life.