Ivy Supersonic: ”I Don’t Want to Go to Jail I’m 95 lbs”


If you listened to Howard Stern’s Sirius Radio Show you know that NYC party promoter-designer Ivy Supersonic is in trouble (and in need of bail). Yesterday on-air she appealed for help from the listeners in enlisting a lawyer to fight possible felony charges for vandalism.

Ivy Supersonic’s public feud with Noel Ashman, proprietor of Plumm on 14th street began on October 27 over a Halloween party she hosted at the club. In dispute is whether or not Ashman still owes Supersonic $1,000 for hosting the gig. The exuberant Ivy admitted to defacing the club with superglue after repeated attempts to get monies owed.

Tomorrow is her surrender date on possible felony charges. An understandably worried Ivy Supersonic emailed FishbowlNY this afternoon:

”I don’t know … I’m going to jail … a nice man Mike is paying my lawyer for me (tyhrough) latin girl cosmetics — he heard me on (The Howard Stern Show). Someone needs to make Noel Ashman stop — its vandalism right now and felony charges … I don’t want to go to jail im 95 lbs.”

(image via observer via getty)