It’s OK, George, Monica Lewinsky felt betrayed, too.

tape.jpgThis was supposed to have been a simple little post about how you can enjoy your President’s Day Weekend all the way thru Tuesday morn without your daily Fishbowl fix, but now Bush has gotten himself unwittingly recorded, Linda Tripp-style, natch, by an old (ex-) pal.

We can’t believe this isn’t already splashed all over the Blogosphere but, hey, Saturday nights, and all; maybe only Drudge is awake out West. Check the Times. Then sit back, turn on Meet The Press tomorrow and watch the fur fly. Have a fab weekend. 1600 Penn Ave. won’t be.

Advantage: One Doug Wead, whose 15-minute clock starts now and who can watch it tick down double-quick once Karl Rove gets done with him. One (easy) prediction: Maureen Dowd will be ecstatic. Hitch won’t. Frank Rich will try hard not to be. Stay tuned.