“It Drives Me Insane,” Responds Prince Charles to Critics of His Architecture Plans


It seems like boatloads of time has passed since Prince Charles was at the forefront of the news, being regularly vilified for his perceived bias against modern architecture. Sure, there was that minor battle in the last few months of 2010 when there was some outcry over what some saw was his Foundation for the Built Environment trying to move in on a power play and take over all oversight of all future British building projects (a criticism they responded to). But largely speaking, once the Chelsea Barracks debacle finally ended last summer, with the Prince saying he was just looking out for the good of the common man, it’s been pretty quiet. However, last week Charles spoke at his Foundation, directly addressing some of the criticism lobbed against him, saying that it both “drives [him] insane” that people believe he has “an obsession with classical architecture” and that his organization has created quality, meritorious work (like their master-planning efforts in Haiti) that will be copied by other groups for years to come. As Building Design reports, the Prince made these comments at a meeting the Foundation was holding for the launch of a new community planning/development framework they’ve created, one that “aims to see experts working more closely with local people to ensure development is appropriate and sustainable.”