Isaac Mizrahi to Host ‘Talk Show Meets Hawk Show’ on QVC

isaac oct08.jpg
(Photo: UnBeige)

While “The Fashion Show” has completed its first season, the show’s host, designer and regular television gadabout, Isaac Mizrahi, is planning to keep himself extra busy starting this December when he launches “Isaac Mizrahi: Live!” a new program on the QVC television shopping network. The NY Daily News describes the show as “a sort of talk-show-meets-hawk show,” wherein Mizrahi will take calls from viewers to chat about whatever comes up, as well as the QVC staple of selling you things. The designer is having a set built into his own studio, so he can keep the show close to home, and in a big move for the network itself, it will be the first of their programs to be shot in HD. Here’s a bit of commentary from the Daily News:

Mizrahi’s move might be a peek into a new future for fashion: As high-end designers become more and more accessible through diffusion labels sold a mid-level retailers, brands like Mizrahi are looking to home shopping as a new way to reach even more consumers. The numbers are staggering: QVC reaches nearly 166 million homes, while its competitor HSN reaches 90 million.