Is Will’s Fashion Influenced by Colbert?

On Sunday’s edition of “This Week,” a clip of Stephen Colbert mocking conservative columnist George Will’s bow tie was played with Will looking on from the roundtable.

“If anybody knows fun, it’s George Will,” Colbert said on his show last Thursday. He was discussing a recent op-ed in which Will called Rick Santorum a “fun” Republican presidential candidate. “After all, a bow tie is just a necktie that’s doing this,” Colbert continued, crossing his arms near his neck in a type of 1990s gangster rapper pose.

Will, ever the funster, didn’t comment on the clip. But, as Roll Call’s Ryan Beckwith noted in a tweet, Will was noticeably not wearing a bow tie. Could it be that he’d seen Colbert’s joke and decided it would be best to go with a standard necktie from now on?

We checked around previous appearances of Will on “This Week” to find out if he typically opts for the necktie. He does (see here, here and here). In fact, it appears he’s also wearing a regular necktie in the mugshot for his column in WaPo. We asked the paper’s PR department if they could confirm it was a necktie. “Your guess is as good as mine, but it looks like a necktie,” WaPo‘s communication’s director Kris Coratti told us. “I do not know how Mr. Will felt about Colbert’s segment.”

Our conclusion: Colbert mis-mocked Will and is decidedly out of touch with Washington fashion.

We contacted Will on the matter. No response thus far.

Watch the clip from “This Week” here.