Is This the Best Application Ever?

So this old cover letter for a job at mobile app company Aviary has been making the Twitter rounds lately. It’s pretty damn great. It begins:

Holla! This job is exactly the position I’ve been looking for!

Forget all the other candidates for Aviary, I am the BEST.

* Organizing shit? Check.
* Calling numbers and shit? Double check.
* Customer support and shit? Mega-check.
* Faxing numbers and shit? MOTHERFLIPPING CHECK ALL OVER THAT.

It keeps going, until the guy, named Roanald Dvorak, signs his name and preemptively gives himself the title of “Office Managerial Director,”

People laughed, forwarded it around, and drew life lessons from this massively creative and/or suicidal cover letter. But is it the best application ever? No. Here’s why. The thing is a fake.

CEO Avi Muchnick rigged the whole thing as a joke, and at some point the cover letter became a recruitment strategy for Aviary.

Dvorak now has his own Twitter account. And when you click on his name on Aviary’s About page, it leads to Aviary’s jobs page. (They’re hiring a web designer right now.)

Too good to be true. Although if you wrote a cover letter LIKE this fake one, you’d probably worm your way into Aviary’s heart.