Is The LA Times Ruining Woodward’s Secret?

In Bob Woodward’s latest book, “The War Within,” he alludes to — but does not describe in great detail, citing national security restrictions — a highly classified program that is helping to kill insurgents in Iraq and that is the real reason behind any recent success in Iraq (not the surge). During his “60 Minutes” interview, Woodward said that the program’s historical significance is akin to the invention of the tank. During that interview, Woodward wouldn’t cough up further details on the program, prompting “60 Minutes”‘ Scott Paley to say, “For a reporter, you don’t allow much.”

But the lead story in today’s Los Angeles Times says:

As part of an escalating offensive against extremist targets in Pakistan, the United States is deploying Predator aircraft equipped with sophisticated new surveillance systems that were instrumental in crippling the insurgency in Iraq, according to U.S. military and intelligence officials.

Sound similar? Things that make you go hmmm…