Is Moonie A Bigot?

One man sure thinks so., “the award winning LGBT news site” reports: “A Connecticut man is suing the University of Bridgeport, claiming the school barred him from campus and ordered him to undergo psychiatric care because of his homosexuality, reports the Connecticut Post. Paul Lewis, 55, alleges that university officials held a disciplinary hearing last spring and charged him with making other students uncomfortable because he is gay.”

Why does Lewis think the University is homophobic? “Lewis, who acknowledges being gay, said Wednesday that he believes the discrimination against him stems in part from the university’s alleged ties to the Reverend Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church. ‘Reverend Moon still has a major influence on the University of Bridgeport, and his understanding of human sexuality is extremely limited,’ Lewis said.”

Could it be that the only thing Moon hates more than blogs is “human sexuality”? And if Lewis is to be believed, does this same top-down chastising of homosexuality seep its way into the Washington Times newsroom?