Is It Time To Ask For A Raise?

Are you kidding? Of course not.

That might be what HR guide Susan Heathfield might have said if she wasn’t trying to be diplomatic.

But Heathfield does remind employees that it really isn’t the best time to ask—”not looking like a team player” is the least of your worries—with a few exceptions.

  • If you were promoted but didn’t get a raise, you should consider asking for one.
  • If your workload substantially increased, you should consider asking for a raise; Heathfield defines “substantial” as taking over the leadership of a project you’d previously been only participating in, or doubling the number of employees who work under you.
  • “My costs have gone up” is not a convincing reason to ask for a raise.
  • Last, when asking for a counteroffer if you’ve gotten another job elsewhere that pays more, make sure that offer is rock-solid before using it as a negotiating point.