Introducing: Your Hot Washington Times Interns

The Washington Times’ (and O’Reilly fan) Stephanie Mansfeld discusses intern hotness in today’s paper.

    Tank tops, flip-flops, bare flesh and cleavage.

    It’s the unofficial uniform of the summer interns, gaggles of college-age women and recent graduates who invade buttoned-down conservative Washington every summer, bringing a large dose of hotitude to offices from Capitol Hill to K Street.

    They’re known as “skinterns.” Those who think “belly shirts” are career wear. If the devil wears Prada, the skinterns wear nada. As if Washington wasn’t sweltering enough.

And, as you know, the Washington Times has their own intern blog. So do they have the hotness? You be the judge.


(Jacqueline, where’s your pic?)

But are they hotter than these Washingtonian magazine interns?