Introducing the New Xerox (And Its Happy Talking Type)


What do you do when your name is synonymous with a product but you want to tell people you’re much more versatile than just something that performs one lil’ ol’ task? If you’re Xerox, you roll out a whole new identity package, which they did yesterday to much fanfare, the first time the company has touched their logo in forty years. Personally, we think the new logo, created by Interbrand, seems a little too Web 2.0 for our liking, but we guess it’s okay. We’re certainly not offended by it or anything. But the thing we really dig when these big branding changes from major companies happen is that you get to read all the interesting weirdness that goes on behind the scenes and gets told to the press to help disseminate all the information the public needs to know about their shiny newness (you’re welcome). Case in point, here’s a bit from BusinessWeek‘s coverage of the change:

The new graphic identity of the company is meant to make Xerox a more approachable brand without compromising its reputation for engineering. In fact, an internal document circulated between Interbrand and Xerox describes the new graphic font this way: “I am FS Albert. I am a modern and approachable font. My rounded corners make me more human and less technical.” The sphere symbol will be especially used on the Internet and will spin in other animated applications, says Maryanne Stump, Interbrand’s senior director of brand strategy. “The old Xerox logo and graphics just didn’t lend themselves to the new media landscape.”

What, do these companies only employ children and that’s the way they have to talk to them? Do you really need a friendly, talking font? Is this the same team that came up with Microsoft’s talking paper clip? We have so many questions that we don’t need answered by anything even remotely anthropomorphic.