Interview Worth Reading With Work Worth Doing


Those good fellows over at Industrial Brand Creative have returned once more to the interview circut with this great conversation with Lorraine Gauthier and Alex Quinto. If you’re unfamiliar with them, they’re the creators of the design studio, Work Worth Doing, which strives to help designers learn that their work can and should make a difference in bettering the world, not simply to exist in it. Per IBC’s usual high standards, it’s a great interview. Here’s some:

We want to be active players in making positive change. And by starting Work Worth Doing, we could collaborate with other people and projects that are trying to do that, but also initiate projects that we care about. When we worked on the Massive Change project with Bruce Mau, we realized many individuals around the world are doing things to improve others’ lives. From entrepreneurs to non-governmental organizations to corporations, people are either designing new ways to transport people, better water purification systems, empowering entrepreneurial women in villages in Bangladesh, and so on. When we saw that the common denominator in all these projects was design in the broad sense, we got excited about doing something similar as designers and communicators.