Indiana/NC: Live-Blogging (6-7pm)


5:40: Chris Matthews introduces his panel (Rachel Maddow, Eugene Robinson, Patrick Buchanan): “You are all quite the team here. I feel like I’m interrupting you all, as you battle late into the night with great fervor and intellect…I’m a virgin when it comes to knowing what’s going on tonight.”

5:44: Matthews says Buchanan wants “chaos.” Maddow: “You’d like to arm all the candidates and see them go at each other with lethal force.” On the 1968 Dem convention, Matthews to Buchanan: “You were in the truth squad causing turmoil. I think you were in the back pushing the cops, ‘Shoot, shoot! Don’t ask questions!'”

6:15: Field report from New Media Strategies CEO Pete Snyder on the FNC set in NYC, where he’s providing election analysis tonight:

    On with Shep Smith in FNC’s “Strategy Room” – live from Uncle Roger’s Taj Mahal Election Night studio on the west side of Manhattan. And to think Fox only thought they’d get a few uses out of that place. Its like being in a Bon Jovi video. Lights, glitz, pyrotechnics…and Megyn Kelly …what better way to spend the evening?

6pm: How the cable networks look…


6:05: A reader writes in:

    The cables are all fucking up and reporting that Indiana polls close statewide at 6pm but there are areas that are open until 7pm. Hoosiers across the state are wondering what the fuck is going on.

6:27pm: Len Downie is on’s live online broadcast:


6:30pm: GET THE HELL OUT. We earlier pointed out how Richard Wolffe and Jonathan Capehart are competing for “Look At Us: We’re The Best Dressed Journos Around” title and look what has done: Put them in the same room as each other for a “Who’s Tie Knot Is Thicker?!?” competition.


6:32:’s live online broadcast has Jesse Jackson on the phone.

6:38: Norah O’Donnell shows off her “I’m a Mommy” dress.


6:49: Don’t forget about TVNewser’s live-bloggingoh so fancy!

6:50: Matthews moans “Oh God!” upon hearing that Sen. Obama had a beer with locals today.