In Brief: Kanye West Collaborates with Vanessa Beecroft; LVMH Stocks Up on Hermès

  • Ignore the skeptics and believe the hype, fellow aesthetes! “Runaway,” Kanye West‘s new video-cum-short film is an artistic triumph. Filmed in Prague, the 34-minute extravaganza follows West and his ethereal winged girlfriend (Selita Ebanks) on a journey through forests, fires, and feasts, with stops along the way at a modernist crash pad and an impromptu ballet performance. The ballerinas and prevailing Venetian luminousity are early hints that Vanessa Beecroft is involved, and indeed, she is credited as art director on the film, which also showcases the inspired cinematography of Kyle Kibbe and costumes by Phillip Lim and Martin Izquierdo. And keep an eye out for West’s winks at other favorite artists, such as Gregory Crewsdon. We are seriously considering investing in a dedicated jumbo flatscreen for UnBeige HQ that will play “Runaway” on a loop. Watch the full video below.

  • With his star Louis Vuitton brand losing some of its ultraluxe luster in recent years whilst raking in ever larger monogrammed sackfuls of cash, LVMH honcho Bernard Arnault has long eyed the apex of luxury brands: Hermès. Known for its equestrian roots, rich artistic heritage, and uncompromising dedication to quality, the French firm is controlled by the Dumas family, but keep your eye on Monsieur Arnault. Through LVMH, he’s quietly accumulated a 17% stake in Hermès (14.2% directly and an additional 2.9% via derivatives), whose shares have skyrocketed in recent months. “LVMH says it has no ambitions beyond holding a minority stake,” writes Matthew Curtin in today’s Wall Street Journal. “But LVMH has put a marker down should more family members change their minds.”