IAB Releases Ad-Blocking Guide for Publishers

A call to action.

More consumers adopt ad-blocking software every day, leaving media outlets scrambling for a solution. The tech lab at the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has developed a guide that could possibly help.

The IAB’s DEAL plan suggests publishers do the following:

  • Detect ad-blocking in order to initiate a conversation
  • Explain the value exchange that advertising enables
  • Ask for changed behavior in order to maintain an equitable exchange
  • Lift restrictions or Limit access in response to consumer choices

The IAB elaborated on its DEAL plan in a massive ad-blocking primer, which gives six courses of action a publisher can take with the pros and cons for each plan.

The six options include paying ad-blocking companies to whitelist sites; asking consumers for micropayments and seeking non-financial payments, like getting consumers to fill out a survey in order to read a site’s content.

Any anti ad-blocking action by publishers is going to be met with some resistance, but it’s important that they get ahead of the issue. This IAB report is a good first step.

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