HuffPost Denver Launches, With Axelrod’s Son as Editor

We told you earlier this summer that White House senior advisor David Axelrod’s son Ethan Axelrod joined HuffPost as editor of the local edition in Denver.

Now “HuffPost Denver” is up and running. Bloggers include locals and former locals Governor Bill Ritter, Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, author and historian Dr. Patricia Limerick, and former Senator Gary Hart.

“We’re delighted to launch HuffPost Denver as our third local version of The Huffington Post,” Arianna Huffington said in a press release annoucing the launch today. Chicago and New York are the other two local versions.

And after the jump, a comment from Ethan Axelrod…

Ethan Axelrod, from the press release: “Denver is fertile terrain for the latest local version of HuffPost given the city’s amazing diversity, pace of change, and its position at a cultural and political crossroads for the country. We look forward to working with local partners throughout Colorado to leverage coverage of the city and state’s local news and events, and we’re also excited about offering a platform for a group of bloggers as diverse as the state itself — from geologists on the Western Slope to tech CEOs in Boulder.”