Huff Post Divorce – A New Section Dedicated To Failed Marriages

Today’s “what will they come up with next?” headline comes courtesy of Arianna Huffington and Nora Ephron.  As discussed in early October by our friends over at WebNewser, the two high-profile divorcees will launch a divorce themed page to The Huffington Post today.  Ephron’s attitude towards divorce grew into the tagline and underlying theme for Huff Post Divorce:

“My theory is that marriages come and go, but divorces are forever,” said Ephron.

Ephron penned Heartburn, a novel loosely based on her own marital issues with journalist Carl Bernstein.  After ending her marriage with Bernstein in 1979, Ephron is equipped to share her insights with HuffPo divorcees seeking advice in the wake of their divorce.

Huff Post Divorce will also feature columns by a host of contributors that will discuss everything from legal, financial, and personal issues to news on recent Hollywood divorces.  Readers will be encouraged to chime in on an open forum to share insights from their own divorces.

Arianna Huffington reflected on the new section’s value for separated parents seeking to counsel their children through divorce:

“Having been divorced with two daughters, I’ve seen how easy it can be to destroy their lives if you let your feelings get in the way of doing the best thing for them.”

While Ephron and Huffington may be spearheading Huff Post Divorce, there will still be plenty of room for men to leave their mark.  Huffington noted that single dads as well as male lawyers and rabbis will be featured on the site.