How the gossip gets made

Anatomy of a gossip item

mknauss.jpgNew York Social Diary’s David Patrick Columbia takes the Daily News’s Hudson Morgan to task for turning what Columbia thought were fairly innocuous, if not flattering, comments about Melania (Knauss) Trump into a slightly scandalous gossip item, and explains how the sausage was made, in excruciating detail:

I got a call late Monday afternoon from a man identifying himself as Hud Morgan, assistant to Lloyd Grove who has a column in the Daily News. He wanted to ask me some questions about Melania Trump, Donald Trump’s new bride.

Okay; it’s not unusual for someone in the media to call me about a social personality in New York, and I am always accommodating, if possible.

So Mr. Morgan says to me: “she’s the chairwoman of a benefit for the Martha Graham Dance Company and she’s calling herself ‘Melania Trump.'”

Okay, so?

Mr. Morgan asks something like ‘don’t you think it’s a bit early for her to be calling herself Melania Trump?’

We fully expect Columbia to be disappeared shortly for giving away the keys to the castle. It’s just a shame there were no publicists involved.