How Journos Handle Al, Tipper Split


Journalists – TV, print and online – are having strong, sometimes extremely emotional reactions about the Al and Tipper Gore separation:

“Leave them alone, just leave these people alone.” –MSNBC “Morning Joe” Host Joe Scarborough on the separation up Al and Tipper Gore on Wednesday morning’s program. …”If you bring that up again I’m going to go lay down.”

“Tip O’Neill was right. They have a right to their separate hearts.”–MSNBC “Hardball” host Chris Matthews on Monday night’s program.

“I should know better, but Al and Tipper Gore, you are bumming me out; is there hope for any of us? (And who would’ve bet the Clintons wld be the couple left standing?)”
–Politics Daily Editor-in-Chief Melinda Henneberger in Tuesday Facebook post. (Read her Wednesday piece on the Gore’s separation here. She writes: “When someone dies, you want to know how they went, and when a marriage ends, you want to know the cause of death for the relationship, too — not only out of prurient interest, though there is that, but for your own sake.”)

“Gores splitting: You’d think that kiss at the convention would have sealed the deal for life.” —WaPo‘s Howard Kurtz in a Tuesday tweet.

“The Gore mystery deepens. You figure a couple that’s so open about their problems has it all figured out: (Read story here).
WaPo‘s Amy Argetsinger in a Tuesday tweet to intro a Wednesday Reliable Source item.

“Geninuely sad to hear about Al and Tipper.”
The Daily Beast’s Meghan McCain in a Tuesday tweet.

Fascinating to watch the Tipper/Al split story capture interest today. Lots of reader react on (Read story here.)–WSJ’s Gerald Seib in a Tuesday tweet.

“I’ve known Al and (less well) Tipper Gore since the early 1980s, and always thought that their marriage was the quirky, unstable leftover of their youths in the capital.”
Newsweek’s Howard Fineman injects personal experiences into his story on the Gores. Read the full story here.

Politico’s Ben Smith: “Ultimately, though, the Gore separation will serve largely just as a reminder of how unknowable othersÂ’ relationships are. Most Gore friends declined to be quoted discussing a couple who had managed to keep their personal life largely out of the public eye.” (Read full story here.)

“Fairytale Gore, Edwards marriages end before global warming, poverty.” The Daily Telegraph‘s Toby Harnden promo’s his piece on the Gore’s.