How do You Say ‘Crush on Obama’ in German?

Obama-superman.jpgMaybe you’ve heard. Presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama is on a trip overseas, along with the entire American Press Corps (not including Ryan Lizza and the one guy who met John McCain at the NH airport the other day). And apparently Americans are not the only ones “slouching after the senator…scouring his every word, expression, bead of sweat, basketball shot and accessory” (that’s MoDo, by the way, every once in a blue moon she is sort of funny). Nope, the international press appears to be in LOVE with Barack, too (no word on whether McCain also plans to make a video about this phenomenon).

Over at Politico Michael Calderone has a piece up about the “rock star coverage” Obama is receiving from the Germans, in particular.

The German press, looking from Berlin, behaves as if the election of Obama is a foregone conclusion,” said Josef Joffe, publisher-editor of Die Zeit, a weekly German newspaper. “He’s being celebrated like a victorious Roman general who comes back from the conquest of Gaul or something.”