Hottest Media Types: The Day After…

hottestmedia.gifBoy was yesterday exhausting.

Less than 24 hours after we announced the nominations for FishbowlDC’s Fourth Annual Hottest Media Types competition, we’ve already got the haters…

  • Anonymous tip: “[redacted] is underrepresented in the FEMALE OFF-AIR hotties! [redacted] deserves the recognition, but there are about 5 other [redacted] ladies who should be on the list!) (ed. note: “Yawn”)

  • Twitter: “with no one from NMS on fishbowl’s Hottest Media Types – male or female – it is clearly flawed and will not be taken seriously”

  • DCist: “DCist Not Hot Enough for Fishbowl DC List” (We love DCist and Sommer Mathis is totally cute, but as we noted before, if you don’t get nominated, you’re not in the hunt and no DCist nominations came in…probably because they’re too normal to nominate themselves).

  • Angela Valdez makes a good point about diversity in one of our categories, but again: We’re beholden to the nominations that come in (and as DCist points out “there are also an awful lot of white guys who work in media in D.C. and who are vain enough to nominate themselves.”)

  • Michael Calderone jokingly notes that — the horror! — our FishbowlDC Hottie nominations didn’t give the Politico its weekly self-esteem boost. Truth be told: Only Jonathan Martin was nominated and, well, that kind of hotness would just unfair to his “competitors.”

    …but there’s always FamousDC to make us feel good about ourselves.

    Also, people are already offering their own endorsements.

    We’re working on changing the pictures of all you “Oh My God, That Picture Of Me You Posted Is Dreadful!!!” people (seriously: there are tons) and voting will begin today.

    And, yes, you can vote more than once.

    Polls will be posted later…