Hottest Media Comments

hottestmedia.gifOn various blogs, people are chiming in on FishbowlDC’s Hottest Media Contest. See the Word Battles after the jump…

On Garance Franke-Ruta’s blog:

  • I think your patrician accent will put you over the top.

  • “I’m leaning towards Robin Wright. Sorry, GFR. Maybe in a few years?”

  • “Well G., while certainly you should win, I’m afraid that Lorraine Woellert of Business Week has clinched the victory by showing enough cleavage to make Hell’s Canyon jealous. Sorry.”

Ezra Klein‘s blog:

Matt Yglesias’ blog:

  • “Voting for the hottest media types in DC, 2007 is now open. I’ve decided that since I have roommates nominated in both the male, off-air and female, off-air categories, I should endorse both of them — Catherine Andrews and Kriston Capps are totally, totally hot.”

  • “Gawddamit, Freddie. A vote for GFR is a vote against catherine. And a vote against catherine is a vote against America. GFR has admitted that she would be willing to meet the leaders of Iran, Syria, and NoKo, all together, for lunch tomorrow. And she’d pick up the tab.”

  • “Gotta go for Garance. This is the sort of thing that people in it will pretend they don’t care about but secretly do. (I would be the same, of course.)”

  • “Catherine Andrews is on record as wanting everyone to get laid. I think this renders her significantly hotter for supporting such a platform. And so she deserves our unqualified support.”

  • I love that the Al Jazeera hostess is in the lead for ‘on air’ personalities. All men, regardless of political idealogy, are capable of putting aside their differences in pursuit of the hottest woman in the room.”

  • “Is it safe to assume that all the candidates have consented to being objectified in this way? Because if so, I’d like to send Garance a ‘hubba hubba’. But if she’s an unwilling participant, I will of course retract it on the grounds that I totally disapprove of such demeaning exercises.”

  • “The dreaded Yglesias endorsement! It’s doomed many a candidate before…”

  • “Oh my Allah, that al-Jazeera babe is hot. Why don’t I get al-Jazeera on my cable? She might even cause me to watch the news for the first time in a decade.”


  • “Ah, ogling the pictures of local reporters … it’s like the good old days are back. Except they’re not.”

  • “I would say this is degrading to women by reasoning that it propagates the idea that the only thing women to have to offer is their looks, and that pitting women against one another in competition is degrading. I would say this, but I just checked, and I am not, in fact, Gloria Steinem.”

  • Here is a picture of a Washington media person. Her name is Bridget Garwood and she works for something called York Zimmerman, Inc., which is apparently a media company in DC. Ms. Garwood is one of the contestants in the ‘Hottest Media Types, Female, Off Air’ contest at Fishbowl DC. We are featuring her photo to give you a totally off-base impression of all the rest of the photos, which do not have nearly so much breasts/scowling. (But Kelly Torrance of the Washington Times does appear to be naked.)”

  • “Plus, if we don’t pit women up against one another, they will do it themselves. It’s their nature.”

  • “I did not vote for any of them because they would all (rightfully so) reject me if I ran into them at a party or bar so therefore I will not participate and pretend to be completely disinterested.”

  • “Okay the male voting must be entirely run by homely indie chicks that forget that geeky chic was cool for like a year in 2002, but that’s over. No go back the DC9 and cry into your PBR. Your day is past.”

  • “So far Stef is in a three-way tie for second place, trailing only Catherine Andrews of Washingtonian Magazine, who is clearly a cheater. …UPDATE: Catherine Andrews is a sweetheart, and totally not a cheater. We officially endorse her for second place. Liz Gorman, however, is a bot.”

Endless Simmer:

  • Admit it — you thought because we’re bloggers we were gonna be ugly, didn’t you? Well, in your face, readers! Because at least one of us officially isn’t”


  • “If you’re so inclined to vote for an also-ran—to cast your vote for third-party reform — to stand up and be counted as a beardo—to vote freelance! and tell the MSM what for—you may vote for me in the Hottest Media Types contest (male, off air). If you’re passing over Clinton Yates and Pat Healy, you had better be doing so on purely ideological grounds.”


  • “That Ezra punk has got to go.”