Hotline Interviews Axelrod

Some excerpts from Hotline’s Friday Feature with CBS News’ Chief White House Correspondent Jim Axelrod:

    What’s your most embarrassing on-the-job moment? (Or as embarrassing as you’d like to reveal?)

    In a naked, shameless attempt to build a resume reel that would get me a better job, I bungee-jumped live on WSTM-TV Action News in Syracuse, NY. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Anyway, I am on top of the platform, high above some parking lot. I do the live introduction and then turn to jump. Only I forget to unhook my wires, cables, microphone, and ear piece. I almost pulled the cameraman with me (who was not harnessed in a bungee). We missed REALLY making news by the miraculous stroke of good fortune — after an instant where it looked like I’d pull a 60-thousand dollar camera down to the parking lot with me, all the cables gave way and made the plunge with me — leaving the cameraman and the camera safely on the platform. (Three months later, I had doubled both my salary and market size.)

    If you could interview any deceased person, who would it be and why?

    Jesus. More’s done in his name than anyone else’s. I’d like to ask for a couple of points of clarification.

    What is your biggest weakness (and not your job interview biggest weakness)?

    I can’t quite seem to stick to this “no chocolate after 8 pm” thing I’ve been reading about as the key to losing 10 pounds.

    And finally, we’re ending this feature with a question posed by the last interviewee. This is from Headline News’ Glenn Beck: If you had to murder someone in cold blood, who would it be?

    Hideous question. Awful thought to even contemplate. I mean it’s offens– hang on.. There was this assignment editor in Syracuse……..